Welcome, I’ve decided to change hosts over the simple frustration that my former Blog was not letting me easily upload images from my iPad.

and so, what did happen to those supplies? A Kindle cover for an exhibition happened.



It went away, then came back & hopefully it was good enough to be in the next Threads magazine which is distributed to all the Embroidery Guild members in NZ in October. We’ll see.

Next I have been working on a couple of samplers during a night class run by the local guild…


I picked up this piece here by Jane van Keulen…



While led doing these, I have been thinking up some designs of my own, one involves penguins & the other is an adaptation of the chair I created a few years ago.

Now, if you are a fan of metallic threads, but hate the way they normally split etc, or if you would like to start using metallic thread, you should only purchase these ones. DMC Diamant. I have been using the gold, silver & bronze ones for a few years & they are amazing! Just out are these ones –



The White has a mother of pearl sheen to it. I hope they bring out a blue one soon… I’ve got plans for that one!



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