I love embroidery, I love learning, I also love shoes, wine & my family. (not necessarily in that order, but sometimes).

Thanks to the unplanned for (& yet should not have been totally unexpected) Wanaka School of Embroidery, I am now a lot poorer than I would have been & the next few weeks are going to be tight with the finances – but not unlivably so. Thanks to the love of my life I actually have plenty of wine & shoes.

It was a little nerve-wracking committing to the 4 classes I want to do & then parting with the money. Especially as my go-to-for-all-advice-embroidery-mother is overseas & un-contactable until next friday. These classes fill up FAST! the brochure was only emailed to me yesterday & went live online last night. After I made my payment today, the co-ordinator called me to confirm all the classes I wanted and some of them already have 12-14 people registered for them! thank goodness I booked early!

Fortunately my mum is one of the tutors for next years class, so she doesn’t have to panic – although I bet she probably will want to do one of those Dunedin classes.

Right then, once my finances are in better shape, I had best save up for all the pretty fabric, kits, threads etc that will be on offer once I get there… not to mention the fuel costs & accommodation!


There will be a post coming with pics of the finished Tree, I was just too excited about all the classes I’m going to!

What would YOU choose to learn?


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