I held my very first class on Saturday, two students & both did very well. It was good to learn where attention needs to be applied, as both made the same initial mistake, indicating I as a teacher, need to monitor this area more… In future classes.
Both were able & did complete their trees at home within the next two days – very proud of them both 🙂

I have made a chart for the next design & I am part the way through of testing it.

In the meantime however, I have picked out this project from the project drawer


This is called “Lagartera”. I got this at an Embroiderer’s guild stitch day, in the North Island… Somewhere between Wellington & Palmerston North. (I went to a few stitch days around that area) I gather it is possibly from a class & came with the threads, instructions, & prepared fabric.
From the instructions i think it was designed by Jill Wadsworth, from Malvern in 1999.
To be frank, I found the instructions to be challenging. They are probably perfectly fine for classes, however for someone simply reading the instructions, It took me a few reads to clearly understand what was required. As you can see, I’m getting there & I should have a nice wee mat in no time… Maybe another week if I don’t keep doing too many other things.

Stay tuned!


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