The first days of this year I spent travelling around the northern part of our South Island. We (3 girls & partner), travelled from Oamaru to Christchurch (3hr drive), stayed the night at a friends house & visited Sumner beach, where it was sunny but too windy for me to fully relax.
The next day we made our way to Nelson, stopping at Leithfield beach to visit my daughters grandparents & then stopping North of Kaikoura for a sea side lunch. We also had a loo stop in Blenheim, I think it was roughly 7-8 hours travelling. Then we had 3 nights in Nelson before heading down the west coast to stay with lovely friends at Franz Joseph. I left my daughter there & the next day we drove to Oamaru via Wanaka, so we could dump some gear, pick up some paperwork, shower & then we drove to Dunedin. At this stop I started stitching, I grabbed 2 projects but one was more suited to travel than the other. After a restful evening I took my man to the hospital for his surgery. Reasonably minor procedure, however he had a general anaesthetic, so there was a lot of waiting, and stitching. I didn’t do his stitches though.
Another night spent in Dunedin & we headed home again. Now this project it done… And will await its final fate, whenever that might be.


This was another Jane van Keulen design, my Mum gave it to me for my birthday, I wasn’t expecting to start this let alone complete it soon, nor so quickly. It was a good way to wait & stress stitch.

There were no instructions with it, only the pic, pattern, threads & embellishments. I had a couple of bead throws along the way & was really scrambling to find enough beads to do the main tree, let alone the tip & trunk, so I had to use beads from my own stash to finish. I’m not completely happy with the beads near the tip, but I haven’t established enough of a “petite bead” stash yet.


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