I like finishing items, it means I can then think about what to start next. Luckily with these two I have an idea on what I will do with them, I’m going to frame them facing each other, however when looking at frames, I notice they generally come with three gaps rather than two, and I am too cheap to get a frame made etc.

Here is my second penguin.

You can see I removed the feather yarn, it just wasn’t working with the rest nor giving me the mirror look I was wanting. However, I’m glad I gave it a try, as I’m sure it will fit on something someday.

Here’s the two roughly as a comparison.



5 thoughts on “Second Penguin complete

  1. Have you looked online? I know in the uk I use online frame makers, it’s a small family firm in Coventry, they’re very fast and do custom frames for about a third I can get them elsewhere. It really is worth paying for a custom frame as it makes your work look so much more professional.


    1. Thanks, I’ll look into that. I’ve heard such horror stories about the framers here using glue & not listening to embroiderers requirements. I’ve found that lacing embroideries is fairly easy, I’ll definitely do that myself.


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