More often than not, I find things when I am not looking for them!

Yesterday I was in the local Library – shock horror, looking at real life books rather than using Uncle Google – having a look at the selection of Embroidery books – and there is a fairly decent selection for a small town library & this one popped out at me:

Lagarta Bk

Remember when I did this & didn’t know where it came from other than it looked like a class given the notes which accompanied it?IMG_0133

The picture credit says it is by Jill Wadsworth, who was part of Publications Committee of the book & probably a member of the Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia. Also, it is a lovely book, I wish I had found it while I was making the mat.

In other news, I have had to do some actual sewing, for SCA (or medieval society) event we are heading to this weekend. My daughter has been there all week & I made her a skirt, shirt & bodice before we went on holiday. Made two shirts and am in the throws of making 2 tunics for my man & I for this weekend… unfortunately working is sucking up all my good sewing time & tonight I’m heading out to dinner with my parents… but I’m sure when I get home I can get them all finished, as we leave straight after work tomorrow – Yikes!!

Also, my partner’s eldest daughter has picked up some cross stitch again, actually finished a little Tweety Bird head & we framed it for the A&P show. She has now started a bookmark & is encouraging her younger sister into stitching too. The younger one is less keen, but has put a few crosses in fabric so far. No point nagging or rushing them.

And I will leave you with something my Mum has finished – she doesn’t like the image, but enjoyed the stitching & completing something she wanted to get done. She has also sold it, and is very pleased she doesn’t have to worry about what to do with it anymore.

Crewell Cushion 1


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