The three Rs.
Today was a lovely day, which was only enhanced with a thunder storm just after dinner, and now it is fine again :).

I made a few more buttons today & tried my hand with the horrid gold DMC thread, which comes on a skein, the stuff which is silicone coated & on a reel is lovely & since I have that, this other stuff is sitting in my drawer, wondering what will become of it. Buttons might be the answer.
I also have the same such thread in silver, copper, another gold & a metallic purple & pink.
Also, went back to a craft shop… My man wanted a saw bench he saw there a few weeks back, sadly (for him) it was gone, but right beside some camping gear was this little beauty:


My wonderful man got it for me & the camping bits for him.

And upon opening it get even better:



It came with the snips and the pin cushion. Snips are ok, pin cushion is lovely. Here you can also see the collection of wooden beads I got yesterday.

But wait there is more!

Yesterday I also picked up these treats… Silk ribbon in three widths, It was only $1 a reel, and while I don’t know what I will do with it, I’m sure it will come in handy when I try my hand at ribbon embroidery.
I have no idea what the little tool is, but I’ve had a play with the electric scissors and they are fun!


As it happens I have no use whatsoever for any of these buttons, so if any one would like some buttons made for them, please let me know how many & what colour. They are approximately 1cm in diameter. I’m thinking $4 a button.


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