Which sounds really cool when you use a sinister voice.
According to Piecework magazine… Issue from July/August 2013 (of my mother’s stash)… Death head buttons have been around since the sixteenth century & reached the height of their popularity in mid-eighteenth century.
After showing my mum my buttons, she showed me hers. I had a go from the online resources,or which there were few & made the larger of the two buttons here & then tonight made the smaller one following the magazines instructions.

While they do use a lot of thread compared to the other buttons I think they are both tricky to make & I can see why a guild was once formed for button makers.

Again the thimble is for size, but I can also measure! The larger one is about 3cm in diameter & the smaller one is 2cm. You may be able to see that my smaller one is better, I may yet undo the bigger one & use just two strands of thread, rather than the full 6. Yes I was being a bit lazy.

What I really like is that now I have a way of re using the other disc type beads that I got with the small round ones 🙂 and my mum gave me some “proper” death head bead discs too. Buttons anyone?


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