NZ has amazing scenery, which most of the world is aware of, but even for us locals there are hidden gems & one of my favourite things about living here is that it is never far to find one.
We just had a long weekend, and my partner was champing at the bit to get out hunting/walking, unfortunately on the two fabulous days, his mates were not obliging him. So I stepped up, as unfit as I am, and I do not like exercise, in fact the last two “walks” he’s made me go on were relatively unpleasant. This time I volunteered & I am glad I did. We went into the Wainakarua Reserve, about an hours drive, including 20mins of 4 wheel driving time into a forest, and then a walk down a “cliff of forest” over one river, up another “cliff” then down the other side, which was kind of fun cause we were definitely off the beaten track, and up another river.
Here’s me:


Then we had some lunch, and started up the river some more, to see what we could see… But then clumsy me, slipped on a rock and sprained my hand trying to stop my face from slamming on to the rocks.

Still, I took loads of pics and got some new embroidery design ideas, and told the man that me going on the trek was my Valentine’s Day gift for him.
I actually really enjoyed the day out. Now, however my legs are sore from all the climbing and my left hand is a bit munted. I’m a bit tentative to try much stitching with it yet.

I am trying to finish this though…


Almost finished all the cross stitches and then there is a lot of back stitch work. It uses a lot of different colours, and I really want to finish it so I can put them all back I the drawer where they belong.

Just got another piece of good news, my old embroidery guild in Mana is happy to have me back as a long distance member 🙂 yah! This guild is more modern & adapting to younger embroiderers, they use the technology and they encourage all of their members. Unfortunately the local guild don’t have these priorities.

Happy stitching everyone!


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