While I love stitching, thinking up new ideas for stitching, none of this is quite as satisfying as seeing projects end up in their home.
After sorting some pieces for the A&P show (which is here in Oamaru on the 27th & 28th of February) I was down to just two pieces I had completed last year left to find something to do with. Then it dawned on me that one of those will look prefect on my new sewing box 🙂 hurrah! I don’t have to make a bag for it!


Today I finally finished all the cross stitches on this project.

While doing the last bit of base, I worked out I can cross stitch at a rate of 300 stitches an hour, so given the thread count this so far should have taken 57hours. And now for all the back stitching & French knots to complete.


7 thoughts on “Satisfaction.

    1. It’s called Sew Petite, from Graphworks International. The pattern had been sitting in my mothers stash for years, and it was in mine for about 5years, before I decided I should actually do it. There are 50 thread colours!


    1. I break up the areas that need it. If there is an area which I know I will find challenging, I do it when I’m not tired, and then I reward myself by doing an easy bit. Try to work one area at a time so you know where have been and you can see the rewards. I know the mice in this piece will really pop out when completed & save them for the reward. I also have little challenges, with myself. I’m now down to one colour, so happy about that!


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