sewing mice is complete… 

Except for washing, lacing & framing. That can wait until Jan next year, when I will want to enter it in our A&P show.

Speaking of the A&P show, results are in and I got 4 firsts, a third & a 4th. Unfortunately they displayed my Or Nue project around the wrong way, which makes me wonder if they actually judged it that way as well. Never mind, I’m very happy with the results.

Now I am trying not to start anything new before my embroidery classes with the Otago Embroiderer’s Guild/Wanaka School of Embroidery on the 18th… Only 15 more sleeps! But I do have a couple of preparations to do. The first class needs the fabric on a roller frame, I purchased several over the last year, at second hand shops & market stands, the one that didn’t have the fabric stapled on the rollers of course was the best size. So I HAD to purchase a new staple gun, my man’s one was too industrial. Easy as pie… See

All I used was calico folded a couple of times. I could have used some wide cotton tape, but all I had was 12mm in black.

In other news, my super awesome man bought me this:

It came with some thread, extra bobbins, extra needles & the knee pedal. He’s going to get his work mate to look at the cord, which looks a little on the dodge, but probably works fine. The funniest thing is that I have only a small idea on how it works, he knows exactly how it all works! I might give him that staple gun as a reward after all.


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