Embroidery holiday is not at all a holiday from Embroidery, but rather a holiday from paid work to concentrate almost solely on embroidery.

8days annual leave, 8 days of embroidery lessons covering 4 techniques/projects. With travel of 12 hours and 5 nights away from home.

Last week, Wednesday I headed down to Dunedin (1.5hour drive) and started my first class, a two day course run by Alison Snepp on her Medieval Egyptian Sampler… It is a wealth of information, history, techniques – old & new. Holy moly wow! The information, verbally, written instructions, charts, was worth every cent I paid. Copyrite prevents me from posting any pictures online of what I am doing and due to the immense value I got from Alison, I have no qualms respecting that. If you ever get a chance to attend one of her classes, take it! I am doing her Whitework sampler 2 day course tomorrow (again in Dunedin) and am a little scared that my brain may explode.

Between each of the two days in Dunedin I stay the night at my “out-laws” (partner’s parents). This lets me halve the travel and gives me a little resting time.

Friday last week, my mum and I headed off to Wanaka (3 hours drive) and attended the Wanaka School of Embroidery. Mum was teaching Romanian lace making & I attended the Casalguidi Swete Bag tutored by Gaynor Chronican. Gaynor is a wonderful tutor as well & was very generous with her notes and pattern options. I’m really enjoying the technique, even if some elements are not working immediately as they are supposed to.  

One of these Koru is doing my head in a little, so it can rest until later. The bead on the tassel will be covered with the needle lacing to finish it off.

2 nights in Wanaka was lovely and I spent up large at the 3 ‘shops’ that were there to sell there wares. My favourite was BJ’s Colourways & Collectables from Invercargill. Just love her threads, and fabrics! 

I got a lot more than this, but have already popped most of them away, ready for projects.  I also got a cord winder from the wood turner man there, my man thinks he can reproduce these… We’ll see if that ever happens.

Got home last night to a house entrance that looked like the hazmen had located ET! Turns out my man had taken the front door off & gave a sand down & a few coats of varnish… Looks amazing, I might have to go away again, oh wait I’m off tomorrow & then this coming weekend!


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