most Easters I find myself in the luxury position of having 4 fantastic days to sit and stitch. For the most part, this one was no exception.

Initially I was torn between the drawn white work sampler which was from the Alison Snepp class in Dunedin, and my own design for the Weston church altar hanging. After completing some drawn work, I then let my self transfer the design to calico, then velvet in a frame.

Here’s some pics of that progress.   

the back with the design tacked
velvet side with design tacked

Then I very boldly put a list of all my unfinished & yet to be started projects on Facebook. People decided that it was in my best interested to finish the Flanders Poppy by Annie Huntley, the last class I took in Dunedin. You can find the design & kit at her website Room for Threads she is another amazing tutor & was very particular about her needles. 

The goal is to have this completed by Anzac Day, there is a lot of work involved in it, and many many steps to get the full look. Luckily I also have today off work, and I hope to have the stems completed & the buds. Sorry, no pics of my progress allowed due to copy rite. 


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