I finally got my needle to this & started with some silk in the corner & quickly realised I needed to complete the gold circle first.

At this point, I realised I forgot to put the padding underneath for the W I was planning, but I was going too well to pull it out now.

Once I got the circle complete, I had to pull out & redo my silk.


I am very pleased with my gold circle. Obviously this is the centre on the design, and to get it right, was critical. I did have to restart the gold half way through, but this shouldn’t be too obvious from further away, so I’m ok with that too.

Sadly my guidelines are proving to be somewhat out, so I am restitching these as I go. Fortunately there is an easy-ish grain in one direction of the velvet, but I’m going to need to get a set square out to sort the other way.


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