Here is my weekend progress on the Casalguidi class I took at Wanaka with Gaynor Chronican in March 2015.

First I completed the thinner lines by wrapping stem stitch.

Then seen below is me creating the bundle of thread for the main feature.  
Underneath, I pinned and pinned into two pieces of foam. It was one of those pieces of packaging, I couldn’t throw away cause it looked like it would be useful…yah! It was!

Then I secured this bundle and wrapped around.  

 I was pleased and surprised by how quickly it worked up. I’m not delighted with my wrapping, but not too sure how to fix this, so it has to stay.

Next step is to cover the large heart koru like the smaller ones. Then I will need to remove as much of the pink cotton sewing thread as I can and then finishing.


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