Today I was prepping some kits for children, & trying to keep costs low, I headed off to the best second hand shop for craft supplies in our wee town of Oamaru, the Charity shop.

My girl needed to find a pattern for a medieval costume, and I had a list. I found one thing on my list & because daughter had her own time suck quest, I had I me to look through ALL the crafty stuff. Yah!

I found this!

What? You might think… First and easily, two good hoops. Then the punch. There are two punches here and another punch needle. Two instruction booklets, and a pattern on fabric with the threads. All for $3!!!

I’d seen some peoples punch efforts on Facebook, wasn’t all that enthused, but for $3 how can one pass up an educational opportunity?

Here are my efforts after about an hour:

You work from the reverse and it creates a velvet kind of effect. His black is the outline, the dolphin is then filled with grey. The water is blue.
In other news I have got my Casaliguidi to the point to putting the front & back together, and I have my dragon out again, so I have to actually put that together too. 

Yesterday I started one of the sides of the House project. Did the window.  So these are the few things I will work on… And let me think about a few other kits to put together for the Canterbury Faire in January, so far I have Hardanger kits, and I’m thinking bookmarks to reduce my stash a wee bit. 


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