I got a little excited by the prospect of selling kits for embroidery at next years Canterbury Faire. (Occasionally referred to by the plebs, as “medieval society camp”).

I have sorted all the knight Hussif kits to run a children’s class, and then design ed and stitched a bookmark. 

With the linen I have, I will sell kits for $5.

Then I started to think about gold work and the little sweete bags I’ve been making, first I started sketching out a more complicated crown and letters, but I have settled on a petal tree, with a heart. On dark blue/purple velvet. I often get huge ideas, and then as I try to work out practicalities, settle down to something more manageable that can be done well… Shoot for the stars and hit the moon on the way back down.

I have been taking pics of progress so I can make instructions and make kits, and possibly teach it.

Firstly I had to transfer the design. I printed the design on paper and glued that to card, then cut it out. Luckily the fabric let me trace around the stencil with white gel pen and I then started to try out my punch needle to see if that would transfer well. It was ok, but I got bored and found that a simple running stitch was suffice to transfer through to the right side of the velvet.


wrong side of the velvet

right side of velvet
 Then I used to white gel pen to fill in the details. You can see the loops made with the punch needle, they will be removed by the end.

Lighting is going to be tricky to show you my progress.

Speaking of punch needle, here is a finished Dolphin.



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