it seems I stitch hard out! so hard I broke my lap frame last night! Luckily, it was just after I finished stitching for the night, and I didn’t damage my work, also fortunate, I have a very handy man who will no doubt fix it for me or make me a new part.

Apparently I am rough and have my butterfly nut too tight.

Also I have loads of other frames I can use in the meantime 🙂

I had hoped to post some pics online, of broken piece, updated work and my very impressive felt lined tin lid, but my cell phone was flat and I ran out of time before work.

Recently (being the last 4 days) I am making use of the magnets I received from Sophie Long – the does a monthly mystery embroidery parcel from the UK, and these magnets are very good at holding my needles while I work. I have a felt lined CD case, but after reading Mary Corbett’s Needle n Thread I decided I wanted a tin lid (metal, with a lip, but shallow) when doing my cut work and beading, to stick to the magnet to while working.

I love the piece of adhesive felt I picked up at Pete’s Emporium when I lived in Wellington – brilliant! On the back is paper – similar to the book cover seal, where I just draw around the tin lid (this one is a circle) and then cut it out, peel off back and stick inside. easy as pie!

At the moment I am instagraming a lot more, my username is qweenkaren if you want to check that out.

This weekend I am off to a little stitch-in at Timaru (1 hour drive north) with my mum and other embroidery ladies.


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