In my infinite lack of wisdom, I have not been showing you the finished, finished projects. Sorry!

It seems, that this year, has been a year of bags. Funny how that kind of creeps up on you.

so, here are my bags:

Dragon Bag

this Dragon bag, was started in January and worked mostly during work lunch times. (I only a half hour) it was fun to do and a great use of the fabric I had lying around and some cheap variegated #8 perle thread I acquired at some point.

Ribbon Bag

This was a little Ribbon embroidery kit from Sophie Long in the UK. I’ve signed up to one of her monthly subscription mystery bags. it is so very sweet, didn’t take long, and ended up a bag after my partner wanted me to test out my sewing machine after he serviced it, and then I wanted a little bag to take chocolates to work in.

Elixabethan bag

My Elizabethan work bag. no current purpose, but I am happy with it,

Gold bag complete

My Golden Tree bag. I have worked out the costing of kitting this bag would be approx $50, so am now working on eiher a cheaper version or small other goldwork projects, which can be starters and cheaper to encourage more people to take it up. I am fairly sure I will sell this bag.


I also did this wee butterfly, on organza with wire and silk thread. and here are the beads I sorted out – they came from an old necklace I picked up at a second hand shop.



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