I’d like to be posting at least once a week, and I don’t know why I don’t! I need a plan. I’ll try to get to that tomorrow. In the meantime, here is what I’ve been doing.

Firstly the piece I made for the Mana Embroiderers Guild:

  An out door pic, here is is shown with the guild’s emblem.


And the final cover, on my needle book for modelling.  It’s current resting place is with the exiting president of the guild, which, like the other guild members, I think is fantastic and suitable. I’m looking forward to seeing them again in early January.
I have also finished the Pulled thread sampler, which was one of the 4 classes I took in March, unfortunately it is one I cannot post pics of. But I am glad to have finished 2 of the 4 classes, and have now recieved my needs list for the book binding class next March.

Over the last few weeks I have been flat out with a amateur theatre show ‘Alice the Panto’ where I got to play the Queen. It was a lot of fun, but sucked up all my time. Then on Monday I turned 40, took the week off work and had a friend stay from Wellington. We went to Fleetwood Mac, and had a great time. I also got a bit of shopping done in the big smoke of Dunedin. There they have Spotlight, which can be very touch and go in regard to embroidery supplies, but I picked up a few bargains from their clearance table including a couple of cushion covers to embroider, (for my friend whose birthday is today) these were marked wayyyyyy down from $70!  

Ok, it is meant to be all French knots with some satin stitched round areas, but I thought I’d mix it up a littl with the chain stitches, and she might also get some gold highlights too… Will see how it goes.

Oh, and the little mouse magnet? Gift from my mum, along with an A3 sized light box! Awesome mum! I wish I had something I need it for RIGHT NOW, but it will have to wait a bit.

Today I also started on the stitching side of a couple of small gold work designs. I’m going to try to just have a couple of techniques in each, to keep costs of kits down, and confidence up. I have put together some bookmark kits, and while doing so, created a business card! My friend is in the print game and she gave me a whole stack for my birthday! The next run of them will have a website too,  but first I need to create enough designs and kits to warrant a site of my own. Or should I stick with etsy? 


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