This week I have stitched the moon goldwork design I had. The final kit will be a bit different. To keep costs down I will only have one highlight gold option and I might make the “stars” around the moon in the smaller check.

This one I have turned into a little bag & filled with sweets for the person who gave me the goldwork supplies. I think I will include a second piece of velvet in kits for those who want to make it a bag. It’s ok, but I think it is looking a little squished as a bag on its own. 

  I had some trouble with finishing. Sigh.

In other news I have done a bit on my friends cushion…

I might be about a quarter of the way round (possibly a bit optimistic), but it’s coming together & no finishing on these babies! Yah!

Also, today I did some sewing… With a machine, gah! I hate dress making! It is for my daughter & fortunately she is now old enough to do the more boring parts – cutting out the pattern, pinning it, cutting it out and zigzagging all the edges.  Still, I need to buy a zip before we can go any further on that medieval wonder!


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