I love our summer Christmas, but that is probably because it’s what I’m used to.

Our day started peacefully with just myself & my man preparing, no rush. At 12:30pm the first of our family arrived, and in an hour we were a party of 11, all in our back yard, enjoying drinks and a barbecue lunch. Heaps of food as per normal. Between courses we opened presents, here is a pashmina my MIL gave me.

By 7pm we had peace restored and I was in bed by 8:30pm!

Boxing Day consisted of more great weather and a trip to the shops so our girls could spend their Xmas money. I nabbed this book :

And am now 50 pages into it. Fantastic amount of information on NZ stitching. Having such a short history, means the chances of sourcing existing work a bit easier compared to other countries. I loved finding out that Captain James Cook’s wife stitched NZ on a map before any European woman set foot here.

And I finished the first of two cushion covers for my friend.

Today is another glorious sunny day, which I will hopefully spend doing a little reading, a little sewing, and a little tidying of my craft room.


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