I’m Wow! Since my last post, only just after Xmas, although I now realise that was almost a month ago, I have been busy busy busy!

Firstly Xmas and New Year holiday stitching…. I made a dress for my daughter, several little “goodie bags”, started and finished the second cushion cover and started a Ukrainian white work piece. Pictures?

Sorry, none of the dress, or my friends cushion cover,  but here are my bags… Well some of them.

As cute as they are, I sold 4… Two of them were sold to family members, my daughter set the price at $5 per bag.

The Ukrainian piece I started as my travel embroidery piece, on the ferry to Wellington. We took the whole family, driving from Oamaru, stayed the night at Leithfield beach, and then on to the ferry at Picton. We stayed in Raumati Beach at my friend’s house, so I could give her the cushion covers.

While in Wellington we went to the Gallipoli exhibitions at Te Papa and the National War Museum. Both were excellent, and well worth seeing. We visited friends in Palmerston North and I got to spend a morning with my embroiderers guild and reunite with many friends. Then we were back off south again, this time staying just north of Christchurch, in Waipara at what I like to call a medieval camp. It’s actually called Cantherbury Faire, and it is amazing! My daughter spends the whole week there, but the rest of us only stayed a couple of days. There I had the opportunity to teach 14 children my Knight Hussif and I had a table at my first market. I sold a few kits, including both of the golden hearts, and I was approached by the head of their embroidery guild.

I also bought the best pair of scissors and a small sharpening stone. (The skittles are just there for scale, and cause they are yummy). These scissors are great for cutting out felt!

We got back to Oamaru last Sunday with a mountain of washing and rain! Rain and more rain! Finally it cleared on Thursday and we got the washing done!

This morning I taught my original penguin Hussif as part of the Waitaki sustainable school. The two ladies I had enjoyed it and nearly finished their Penguins in the three hours we had. I am teaching this class next Saturday as well and have one person signed up for it 😀 also the Otago Daily Times man came and took some pictures of us 😀 so we will be in the paper!

Now, I have done up more heart kits and am trying to decide on the right picture for the cover.


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