Recently I have purchased a few books. Firstly I was directed to Hazel Blomkamp’s  books by Mary Corbet. While I had seen her books on Crewel work, these two caught my eye & I think I can use many ideas in them.

Both books are of exceptional value when it comes to quantity of content and indeed quality. Clear instructions are in both although the needle weaving book also has photos of the worked technique. At this point, and I have really only flicked through them, they seem exceptional value for money.

Next up is a book I asked a friend to purchase for me, as payment for some work I did for him. It only arrived today and already I am in love!

Firstly this book is beautiful. The images are magic, bright, interesting, stunning. Then the information inside is phenomenal. Before getting my hands on this I thought I knew a bit about goldwork… I know nothing. I feel like John Snow. Yet it does not make me feel like a beginner or incompetent, more like the small window into goldwork that was my knowledge has expanded to French doors, opening onto a goldwork balcony. Oh, and I’ve barely started it.

In other news, I have completed 3 classes with my penguin Hussif & have taught 6 ladies. I also have sold a few of my heart kits, some of my Hardanger kits & have put in my funding application to be able to teach the Knight Hussif to some local school children. Fingers crossed.

Recently I have found delight in helping fellow stitchers with queries. No question too silly. One of favourite things about embroidery is that there is always something to learn.


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