We are renovating, adding on a new master bedroom and ensuite, so our three (2 teenagers & 1 approaching) will have their own bathroom and will no longer have to squish themselves and their personalities into one tiny room. Yah!

In the meantime, my craft room/sunroom/howcananyoneactuallycallthisa’room’ has gone. My supplies are scattered throughout the house and the garage. Most are in the garage, but there are other supplies in the top of wardrobes, under beds, and in the current bedroom. I tried to keep what I would need in our bedroom, and have had mostly success.

and so, due to not being able to start anything new, I finishes projects! Hurrah! The Poppy which I can not show you is done! My Golden Sun is done, and now available in kits.

And I went off to the Wanaka Embroidery school and made books. With success. Then I came home, made another one, and made half of an over sized book, which will become a book for my designs… Soonish.

Of course I did some shopping in Wanaka…. Stash pic:

I’m going to try to continue my tradition of purchasing one new wooden tool per year, this year was a stiletto punch, last year I got a thimble, and the year before was a cord winder.

There were a few purchases of “ohhh that it pretty/cool, I’m sure I’ll find a use for it”


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