thank you for continuing to read my posts and if there is anything you would like me to touch on, please comment.

Our build is coming along, taking a bit longer than expected, however that is the nature of building according to Kevin McCloud & he knows! This weekend we have our ANZAC day (Monday – remembrance day), which will mean dawn parades for our 3 girls, and us. Although it would be lovely to spend this time stitching, I believe jibbing ceilings & walls in the lounge will happen, not to mention the jib stopping, painting and everything else we can do to get this project finished. I am looking forward to all that being done, so we can then get carpet down, and move in.

I have recently been inspired by

1. A colouring-in book – I’ve always thought of embroidery as colouring in with thread.

2. The national Bernina Colour Postbag challenge, this year is “Go for Green”. in my brain I have been playing with the idea of our national birds & using negative spaces. I’m not sure how much I can put on here about that though. I am using one of Hazel Blomkamp’s books for a lot of the stitching.

3. The Goldwork Guild are having a challenge this year too, with template. I like this very much and have already sketched out ideas, placement. Checked on my supplies & have now just got my hands on a few more supplies:

Gold threads

the twists were a bit larger than I hoped, however when I stretched them they look more along what I was after. At some point I can see I am going to have a lot of fun with these babies! (each pot has 1m of twist – 2 x 50cm pieces)

Gold twists

I am VERY excited about this project, but still have to actually become a member of the Guild, although I did also join their Facebook page.

Since Wanaka I have also made two books, using the two techniques taught there, and I finished off a tiny beaded box – photo will come.

My other great news, which will add to my busyness very soon, is I got the funding to teach 20 primary aged children at an after-school group. I will be teaching them the Knight Hussif. I have to do a little re-designing as my kind mother sourced some affordable scissors, however they are a lot bigger than the knight was designed for.


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