Most of the kits I have created are for people who have done very little, if any stitching. Over the last 8 weeks I have been teaching primary school children for an hour after school. Most of these kids have never used a needle. They have been learning different stitches to create a Knight sewing kit.

I had to adapt my old Knight, to accomodate the scissors which were sourced by my mum, which was actually a lucky thing as I changed the kit so used #5 perle thread, which is definitely easier than stranded for first time stitchers. So I recreated to this:

So I got funding, budgeted for 20 kids, was told there might be 30 and ended up with 27 on the first day! Chaos ensued, but stitching has been done.

The classes are very relaxed and most of the children are working a bit at a time with it, which is great!

Along the way, I substituted the French knots for beads. 

Each week, I sort through all the kits, work out where the kids are at and most importantly what their next step is. Next week will be the last week, there are a handful which will finish completely, but they have all done great work, and I’ll be able to put a display together.


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