The renovation has been done – just waiting on official paperwork, but we love our new master bedroom and en-suite. Now that we are moved in, we have moved our girls around and have most things re-organised. There are still plenty of boxes in the garage, but they just may be the things we don’t really need.

My after school class is done and the display is in the shop window:


My next step with this, will be to gather the kits up again, sort out their bags & for those who haven’t finished, make sure they have good instructions and enough materials to complete.

Since this big job is mostly done, it was time for my stuff again. I completed another side of the Home Sweet Home.

20160719_081748_001_resizedI’m really struggling with motivation to get this project done, but I rewarded myself with some fun with mustaches & silver thread.

20160713_162136_resizedI turned these into brooches and I will make another two. Then I will have them to sell at our Victorian Fete stall in November. I’m thinking of possibly doing some top hats as well, although it’s not coming together in my head as nicely as I would like. While I ponder that, I am getting on with another side of the house:

20160719_081707_resizedI’m also working on the roof at the same time, and once I have done this side, my next will be the base. I’m having some thread issues with this side however, so I will do what I can with the threads I have and then sort out the others. Maybe I’ll even do a bit of stitching on the rest of the sides, and then I can get put some threads away.



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