Here is a picture of the set up I did for my daughter’s room with store fittings I got from a large retail shop which closed down. My girl got half the wall & I got this half:


I love to have my things organised, although another large selection of embroidery supplies are in another bedroom.

From the last post here is an update on the Home Sweet Home project:

The rose tree side is complete & the roof is stitched (there are two sides to the roof, but the look identical – lucky!) I have started the orange tree side, and completed the tree itself, so a bit more work on that, then there is still the base and one smaller side of the house. Then assembly. Maybe by Christmas??

I have also been involved with local community theatre and directed a play! As a thank you  to other members I made some little monogram stitchings to pop on top of tins of candy:


I was inspired by Mary Corbet’s website & her articles on voided monograms. I also got to play with some of my newly acquired silk threads.

And then there has been a little beading, Trish Hewitt popped down to Oamaru again & taught a small group of us to make a little humbug, which fits nicely on my scissors. Then because I’m just too speedy, we also got to make a couple of Christmas decorations.


Sorry about the foggy photo – sometimes my phone camera is a bit special (or perhaps that is the operator?!)

Somewhere in between I also finished this little beauty, and gave it back to it’s owner, who started it, but didn’t quite finish it. I think she may have got disgruntled at the precision of counted work – which while beautiful, is one of those very unforgiving techniques, one mistake at the start can turn hours of work being redone.

I also hemmed it and am pleased – while it is not perfect, it is still the best hemming I have ever done.




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