Oh my, it has been so long. Firstly I should apologize, I have just realized the photo of the white-work was the reverse. Since it is now in the hands of the owner, I am unlikely to get another photo.

The Victorian market was quite good, I didn’t sell a lot, but enough to recoup costs. Despite it being a long day, it was a good day, where I had the opportunity to talk about my passion. I am booked into another market on Saturday the 17th of December.

Here is a pic of my table – I think the table was a bit small, and I shared it with a friend, so all the items on the left were hers and mine were to the right.


There are cards in the far right basket, I took some pictures of my designs and a good friend printed them into cards – then I found some envelopes to fit. My mum crocheted the dish cloths – they were a good seller.

I have enrolled in the Thistle Threads Casket of Curiosities course – it felt like a giant leap of financial commitment at the time, but paying it monthly is making it a lot easier, and I learn as I pay. Every tomb of information I have received so far has felt worth the investment, and in a few months I will also get threads!

In the meantime I have made some progress on the Home Sweet Home project, although I have popped it away again for a little while.


This is the Orange tree, and it is missing a couple of charms, I am yet to decide if I want to buy the charms, stitch the motif or leave it as it is.

In progress is a bit of playing with a Tambour needle on a black pashmina scarf – possibly not the ideal project to start testing out a tambour needle, but oh well – I’ll learn more and quicker. I’ve been keeping that scarf aside for when I eventually got around to embroidering it anyway.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully next year there will be a few more posts. Happy stitching!


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