Birthday book:

November was my birthday & I got several craft related items including a massive cutting mat and a rotary cutter – I am just waiting on the ruler to accompany it, so I don’t chop my fingers off – no doubt I will go mad with cutting things at that time, although I’m not sure what yet.

I also got this marvelous gem of a book:stumpwork

It is quite incredible and takes a lot of reading. While my birthday is mid November, I didnt finish reading it until my Christmas holiday. The pictures are sumptuous and the content incredible, yet clear. Indeed I would say it is a master book, for a Masterclass. This book complements my online course I am doing as well – Casket of Curiosities, although focuses more of the stumpwork of course.

Prior this getting this, I invested in another Alison Cole book:little-tipsAgain with Alison’s usual clear style of explaining things, this is full of tips and tricks, a lot of which I knew already and several that I didn’t. The layout is cohesive and includes a section for Goldwork, as well as other techniques.

Here are a couple of inspirational books I got last year:

I love Terry Prachett’s books, and am struggling to do any colouring as I have fear of ruining the book. however, colouring books of any kind can be great inspiration and the Zendoodle book is interesting. I can see some designs come out of this book in gold work, surface embroidery or Blackwork techniques.

So far this year, I have started a 100 day goal activity, where I have a big goal and write out 100 activities to get me there. This should increase my productivity and keep me focused on the things I want to focus on, rather than the other bits that slow me down. so far so good 🙂 I have completed the second Miniature Pulled Thread Sampler by Alison Snepp. While I am not permitted to share pictures of her design, I am going to share the corner, where I popped in a penguin and chose my own fillings. also the edging is something a bit different – definitely different from Alison’s instructions, I saw a video on how to do this, I haven’t quite got it right, it obviously takes a lot more practice. (and the pin is to give an indication of size)whitework




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