Here are just a few of the sites I visit, semi-regularly where I continue to get inspired and sometimes I even put needle into action.

Mary Corbett’s website for many stitchers is like our holy bible of all things embroidery. If you want to know how to do something, chances are she has an article or a video on how to. Not everything is here, but it’s a great starting point for most things and she updates her site regularly  with interesting tips and tricks, book reviews, project progress and so much more. She has a massive following and it is easy to see why.

The Little Chair design of Janie’s was one of the most fun kits I ever did. It was wonderful to have something a little different and the putting together definitely challenged me – in a good way. Janie doesn’t update very often, but her designs are unique and interesting – keep an eye on it.

If you have time to peruse, you may get lost for days here – so much inspiration and information available!

This website looks a bit different to the others, but part of the gold here are the stitch guides. In 2015 I followed the Crystalize one, using threads available here and gems from my stash. I really liked the Sahiko Sampler – amazing and so pretty, but not right now for me.

Hazel is an incredible artist. Her Crewel books are well received all over & while I am yet to try my hand at much Crewel work, her site and books are like eye candy. She has a fresh and honest approach to embroidery, which I appreciate. You may not agree with everything she says, but I believe her frank approach is refreshing and worth a read. I couldn’t resist her Needle Waving and Needle Lace books.

In particular her information on Copy Write is easy to understand and helpful.

for eye candy of the Whitework kind.

Gary designs Candlewicking, Whitework, Beading, Organza and Soft Cotton. Beautiful work – there are many ideas I would like to try my hand at, in particular the Organza designs. He tutors around the world, and I have always admired the pieces my mum completed from his course.

This is another fantastic blog. Written by Kelley Aldridge – RSN graduate, who obviously shares my love of Goldwork. She used to post regularly, but reading through older posts is worthwhile (IMO).

OMG wow! If I had a lot more money than I do, I would spend it all here. So much deliciousness of embroidery I find it hard to breathe.

The caskets are beautiful and I am particularly in love with the course “Eve and the Garden of Eden”  not so much the biblical picture, but everything else!


There is of course so many more out there, and one day I hope I can inspire people to embroidery the way these sites inspire me.



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