I best give my faithful followers a catch up.

Cabinet of Curiosities has me in it’s grip, and after receiving my first kit of supplies, I have been working away at the little projects. So far I have completed the Gauntlet scissor keep, the butterfly pin cushion, the little pillow and some little lacet gloves (of which I need to photo – sorry).

(pic of little pillow is included below)

Then I had to quickly get my A into G and make a new Diary & so I did.

Penguin DiaryNext it was off to Wanaka to the Annual Wanaka School of Embroidery, there I took a class on Ribbon Work, which was lovely.Ribbon work

I mostly took it to extend my understanding of Long & Short stitch, and was pleased with the results. The following week I took a class on Deruta drawn work (if you follow my instagram I posted a pic there).

then this weekend gone, I managed to get all the machine-sewing/finishing done! so here are two cushions in candlewicking from a kit I picked up last year, my Little Pillow from CoC & the finished (except for handles) bag!

Finished Cushions & bag

Then, more Cabinet of Curiosity inspired, I have plans to cover a box for my daughter, and she loves Harry Potter. I found a couple of cheap wooden boxes at a second hand shop and she chose one. I measured and have been working on the lid.

HP lidDaughter and I are both quite pleased. Next step for me is to work on the centre H & I have just decided to do it separately & add it as an applique motif. Then the silk wrapped purls may have arrived for me to work on the animals, otherwise it shall be put on pause while I work on the many other projects.



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